• Question: im moving to flagstaff soon, maybe i can take over the blog then? - Anonymous
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    who even are you?

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    cool story, bro.


I’ve been getting A LOT of followers lately and I’m not sure why. I haven’t been running this blog, for like…2 years now? 

What is the deal?


I need somebody to take over this blog. I haven’t lived in Flagstaff for over a year now (which is why the posting has been sporadic at best), and soon I won’t even be living in Arizona at all.

Any takers?




Just thought I’d point this out. Number 5 is where I currently live.

We are beat only by cities in New York and, y’know, ALASKA


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Flagstaff there are still some tickets left for sale please reach out if interested. Tickets will be more expensive at the door so get them before and come rock with us and a Hip Hop LEGEND!!! Msg me for tickets!!!!!  Hope to see you all there!!!





What: A regional anti-colonial and anarchist bookfair featuring discussions, workshops, presentations, films, skillshares, art, & more.

When: November Sat. 16 & Sun. 17, 2013

Where: Táala Hooghan Infoshop, Occupied territories Flagstaff, Arizona.

Who: Indigenous and anarchist authors, speakers, radical book distributors, zine publishers, and more.

Why: Fire at the Mountain Bookfair is intended to inform, agitate, and celebrate anti-colonial struggle and anarchist tensions.

The book fair will be located at Táala Hooghan Infoshop at 1704 N 2nd St Occupied Territories Flagstaff, AZ.
(East Flag just off of Route 66 near 4th st.) 

Admission is free to all book fair events.
Limited parking at the infoshop is available, you can park around the neighborhood as well.
We will be providing free food. Snacks throughout the day and dinner on Saturday and snacks and lunch on Sunday.
We will also be providing free childcare at the infoshop.
We maintain accessibility as a priority though we do not have the most adequate facilities (bathrooms aren’t too big but a large wheel chair can fit through most all of our space). Please let us know if you need additional accessibility while at the book fair.


Space safety & security: 
We intend on doing our best to ensure that the space we hold is a threat to all forms of oppression and oppressive behaviors (read: hetero-patriarchy/homophobia/sexism/settler-colonialism/white supremacy/racism/age-ism/ableism). There will be infoshop collective members and AFTM book fair organizers available if there are any issues, but we welcome you to assist us to make sure to have each other’s backs. We do not welcome drugs/alcohol in our space and ask intoxicated folks come back when they’re sober.

A Fire at the Mountain Anarchist & Anti-colonial Book Fair 2013

Schedule & Workshop Descriptions

Saturday, Nov. 16, 2013

12:00PM - Welcoming
12:45pm - Panel: “We are Ungovernable”
12:45pm - Workshop: “Radical Writing Circle”
3:00PM - Workshop: “Loop 202 Resistance”
3:00PM - Workshop: “Second Wave Anarchy”
4:30PM - Workshop: “Sovereignty among the Peoples and on the Lands”
4:30pm - Workshop: “Activist Writing: Up Front & In Your Face”
6PM - Discussion: “Before All Else Fails”
6PM - Discussion: “Infoshops & Radical Spaces”
6PM - Workshop: Hip Hop is Resistance: Let’s Make Beats!

7:15PM - DINNER with FILM SCREENING: “Homotopia”

8:30PM - SHOW
8:30PM - Klee Benally
9:00PM - Indigenize
9:30PM - Shining Soul
10:15PM - Requiem
11:00PM - Let the World Die

Sunday, Nov. 17, 2013
9:30AM - 10:30AM - Breakfast
10:00AM - Workshop: “Card Weaving” (will move to listen to Zerzan’s talk)
10:30AM - Presentation: “Anarchist - What We Need To Be”
10:30AM - Discussion: “Decolonization & Anarchism”
12:00PM - Workshop: “Anarchist Strategies Against the Police”
12:00PM - Workshop: “Spiritually, Green Anarchy and Cultural Appropriation”
1:30PM -3:30PM - Panel: “A Discussion on the Diné, O’odham, Anarchist Bloc”

Out of all the wonderful things my company wouldn’t allow me to promote on our community board (despite their heavy claims of anti-censorship), the events and flyers of the Táala Hooghan Infoshop were the ones I had wanted to put up the most. I was not allowed to donate books to their book swaps and such, either. I never got a clear answer on why. But hey, Flagstaff, you should give this and their other ongoing events a looksee. They’ve actually got quite a lot of amazing things going on in their info- and workshops.

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Restore the Clark Telescope!



The Percival Lowell Observatory has started an indiegogo page to get some much-needed crowdsourcing together to restore the 117-year-old Clark Telescope, the telescope responsible for much of the mapping of the Moon done for the Apollo missions back in the 1960’s (this is not the Pluto Discovery Telescope, but its sister on the same hill).

It’s no longer a research tool but an educational one for the community, and it needs a TON of work. Support bearing repairs, deck stripping, electrical work and even some work just to get the shutter to open and close properly.

Please consider clicking through and checking out what they have to say and what they’re looking to collect. And if you have even just a spare dollar, please consider donating. If you can’t, swing this link a reblog, please! :)


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Every Friday night of November (Except the 23rd!) Bookmans Flagstaff will be hosting a weekly write-in/meetup starting at 6pm!

They’ll have drawings for free drinks, too!

Come join us as we bounce ideas back and forth, compare word-counts, and hunt the shelves for reference material! I’ll be there every week for sure.


Also please reblog this like wildfire, I know you Arizona writers are hiding out in these mountains SOMEWHERE.

cool stuff

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Today in Why Arizona Sucks: Flagstaff cop who drunk drove to concert and sexually assaulted civilian woman gets off scot-free.



The judge told the victim, “If you wouldn’t have been there that night, none of this would have happened to you.” Because apparently, if women go to concerts, they should expect to be sexually assaulted.

Petition for recall of asshole judge:

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Well, I have lived here for roughly 6 years now but it is time to take my leave.

This blog was started on a lark, was an honest effort and a labor of love.
I hope you have all enjoyed it for the short tenure it existed.

That being said, if somebody would like to take it over, please contact me Otherwise, it will go into a stasis of Tumblr archived history.

It was a pleasure to see it gain followers, write and photograph for it, but other pastures are now awaiting me at this time in my life.

I love you all.